Welcome to Algarve Realtor

With Algarve Realtor your Portugal property dreams are in trusted hands. We take Real Estate seriously and we understand that buying a property abroad has both financial and emotional ramifications for the parties involved. Therefore, having proper representation is critical.

Choosing Algarve Realtor as your representative when buying property in Portugal can be decisive for both buyers and sellers. Here's why:


When you work with Algarve Realtor our responsibility is towards you. That means you will have an expert who is looking for your best interests, an expert in the local property market that will help you to open every door of the way, someone who will do everything in his power to help on the search for your dream house.

We believe the value of this commitment cannot be overstated.

Changing regulations

Algarve Realtor is immersed in real estate; we stay current with all the latest updates in Portuguese property law. Once you retain Algarve Realtor as your representative, we will put all our knowledge and important connections to work with you.

Finding the right home

Browsing online is a normal thing to do when you start searching for a house, that is what almost 90% of people do. But when it’s time to buy, it is important that you have the help from a "local"; someone experienced who knows all the pros and cons of a property or a special location. Someone that is committed to helping you make the right decision.

Freedom to choose

With Algarve Realtor you will have a vast portfolio of properties to choose from, as we share all the properties with the main real estate companies operating in each region of the Algarve. This means we have access to all the very best properties available in the market. With Algarve Realtor you have the freedom to choose your house without having to choose only one real estate listing.

Contracts and negotiations

Algarve Realtor has 19 years of experience negotiating on behalf of the best interests of our clients. We always work closely with you in order to bring the best possible transaction to the desired conclusion.