Golden Visa Program Results

Between October 8th, 2012 and January 31st  2014 a total of 2,100 Residence Permits for Investment were attributed, of which two in the first year, 494 in 2103, 1,526 last year and 78 in the first month of 2015. According to government data, the total investment was 1,273 million euros, with the largest share (1,154 million euros) from the real estate purchase, while the transfer of capital represented 119.8 million euros.

The 'golden Visa Permit' assigned a overwhelming majority (1,992) were for the purchase of property, 105 via the transfer of capital and three by creating at least 10 jobs.

According to information available on the Boarders and Foreigners Services page (SEF), 3,154 residence permits were assigned to family regrouping, 576 in 2013, 2,395 last year and 183 in January 2015.
Among the main nationalities, China leads with 1,693 'Golden Visas' assigned, followed by Brazil with 69, Russia 66, South Africa 52 and Lebanon 33.