Rentals in the Algarve

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Rental Revenue, Much Better than the Bank…

The hot weather days continue and many of us have already spent some time in the beach and swimming in the ocean. The beaches are not so crowded as in the summer months and the temperatures are now around 25 degrees. Most of the residents and clients prefer this time of year to that of the hot summer months. This is the time if you are thinking of renting your property. The peak season for rental revenue is June, July and August where prices are at their highest and you should achieve back to back rentals. Many of our clients use this peak season months to make enough revenue to allow yourself to use your property free of charge in autumn and winter months.

Take the opportunity to acquire a house in the Algarve and let the summer rentals pay for your lifestyle expenses during the rest of the year! The net yields after costs can vary between 3.5% to 5%, depending on the type of house and location where you purchased it. When compared to the bank this is an excellent return, So what are you waiting for?

Rent in the peak summer months and enjoy the rest of the year here free of charge, in the beach, in the sun, eating out… relaxing.