Non Habitual Residence Portugal

Portugal has recently created interesting conditions regarding fiscal benefits for all those who become Portuguese Non Habitual Residents. Below we explain how you can take advantage of these new incentives.


What are the requests to become a Non Habitual Resident?

Domestic Taxation Rate applicable to Non Habitual Residents

The applicable taxation rate is 20% for employment or self-employment.

The taxes apply to income from high value activities like the ones from artistic, technical or scientific nature:

Taxes, Rates & Benefits applicable to Wealth

It is important that you know that in Portugal the concept of property is "full ownership", meaning that the owner has the full and exclusive right to use, enjoy and have immovable property for his usage. This concept gives the Portuguese property system a important competitive advantage when comparing with other countries.


It is charged when there is a transfer of ownership, it is applied to the value of purchase or to the taxable value of the property, whichever is higher. In case of a property bought for residential use, this tax may vary between 0 and 6%.

Stamp Duty

This is a tax applied to all official acts, deeds and other legal documents. Regarding property purchases it´s applied either to the value shown on the deed contract or to the taxable value of the property, depending which one is higher. The tax is 0.8%

When purchasing a house who is responsible for paying the taxes?

The taxes are paid by the party that purchases the property.

When are the taxes due to be paid?

They have to be paid before the Deed (property purchase document) is signed.

Where can I pay the property purchase taxes?

The taxes can be paid in any Finance office (Finanças), in their Website or at any “Casa Pronta” desk.